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To support homeschooling or remote learning I am launching — After-School with Wiggles Press, I will be the instructor for book’s I’ve Authored and will schedule other teachers and authors to participate – using Google Classroom and Zoom to provide curriculum and discussions. I want to encourage critical thinking, creative writing and self-publishing.

Please order the following books to begin New Year 2021 – with my cultural exchange with Asian Culture. The goal is to dispel stereotypes and encourage friendships.

The first Book will be A Dragon Valentines; also published as A New Year’s Valentine.

Followed by:

  1. The Tales of Teacups; written about a Mother-Daughter Teatime with Ms. Bei, Miss Ocha and Furtuna (Chinese, Japanese and Ethiopian teacups (my spin on Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Animation).
  2. The Tales of Cranes; written about Keisha and the discovery of a Japanese folklore The Crane Maiden and her discovery of how it influenced her mother’s journey to Japan. Based on my true story – The Crane Maiden was published by Time Life Books in 1968 the year of the Assignation of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The artist was an Hiroshima Survivor, Chihiro Iwasaki and it was authored by Miyoko Matsutani
  3. The Majestic Crane; a juvenile read related to my discovery of Asian Culture best suited for preteens and teens interested in international exchange. This may be a Zoom Classroom where teachers are asked to read a chapter and lead a zoom discussion group; I will respond to questions.

2021 新年快乐 Happy New Year! Xīn nián kuài lè

Are you ready for 2021 ?

Let’s get started with some good thoughts about the upcoming year by learning how to pronounce the numbers and what they mean.

二零二十一 Èr líng èrshíyī

The first number in Mandarin is one (1) or yī ; the number two (2) or èr is written with two lines that look like the equal sign in roman numbers.

When I write the number one or yī, I think of writing one stroke for the Horizon or where everything begins.
The number 2 or èr, is written as if one is divided into two parts like opening your eyelids to awaken in the morning
or your mouth to take in air, or to just exhale.

Shí means ten (10)…and it looks like
standing with your arms stretched out wide.

Shí also sounds exactly like the word “to be
or is” 是

This got me to using some word play with the
numbers for the New Year, for instance èr
or 2 rhymes with èr for child.

兒是一 Children are one – sounds
similar to 21 èrshíyī

It seems like a great theme for the New Year.
The Chinese character for One can mean
uniformity – to be unified. The
singular – one – is a representative
of the whole.

One child representative or example.

Forty years ago I began to study Mandarin Chinese, I was 18 years old and by the time I turned 19, I was flying on Korean Airlines to travel to Taiwan to become the first African-American student from Umass Amherst to study at Tunghai University in TaiChung. I first spent my summer in Taipei with the Chan Family on Yong Kang Jie while attending the Mandarin Language Center at Shi Da University.

You could say I was that “Child Representative” for my family and in many ways I bore the burden of being the “First Black Girl” many in the city or countryside would ever meet. As an only child of my single mom I was rather conscious of behavior and expectations.

My two books A New Years’ Valentine and The Tales of Teacups will introduce elementary readers to my experiences learning about the Far East and building friendship.

However, preteens and adults may enjoy the fuller story of my travels in the book
The Majestic Crane. A few other translated books are available for Mandarin readers.

After studying Mandarin, I began Japanese studies and some wonderful young women, who are now mothers as well, helped to translated many of my books into NiHonGo or Japanese.

It’s hard to believe many years have gone by and this year I will be celebrating
The Year of The Ox with special care, as it is the year I was born as well.

It is said that Ox people are natural humanitarians. I suppose by publishing storybooks I aim to bring a childlike perspective to cultural exchange. I was taught by my mom to see the beauty in all people and my Christian upbringing instilled in me a faith in One God, who diversifies mankind and all creation – so you could also ask yourself are you working for mankind? For all children , “兒是一?”

I would love to share more of my experience and embrace you all in love. I am open to learning more of your experiences as well.

In fact, the word woman – means to me – the first embrace, or nurturer. And that is the mission of Wiggles Press – Books – to nurture the spirit and minds of little people and the young at heart.

Thirty Years ago, I was blessed with a daughter who was born while living on the Campus of Showa Boston, it was Faith Barcus the Student Life Director who embraced our family so I could embrace the hearts of over 2,000 students as a Dorm Mother from 1990 to 1992. I shared the love I received from my mother and the women who influenced and encouraged me to know their culture, and I shared mine.

This year it has been difficult to endure the hurtful acts, words and discouragement towards African Americans and Asians… yet the colorful artwork of Chihiro Iwasaki that illustrated the storybook “The Crane Maiden” by Miyoko Matsutani somehow caught my eye as a nine-year old and on the wings of love and hope landed me in Tokyo in 1981. I am faithful the eternal touch of love will bring us all together to rise above the ashes of hate and teach us to be fearless in hope that we can find ways to be united by friendship.

Happy New Year!
Rochelle O’Neal Thorpe, Publisher

Wiggles Summer Camp 2020

Join us for Field and Street Hockey Drills Register Now!

Please go to Facebook Event https://www.facebook.com/events/2389599634676395/

In our first Chapter Book and Storybook Captain Remarkable “AKA” Misha liked to play street hockey with her brother Nate. Well, Wiggles Press is happy to welcome you to learn how to play from home online or with Brian & Gabe at Smith Field in Alston.

Our first class is launching Monday, July 20th at Smithh Field promptly at 11 AM.
A second class for girls will be held at the same location and time on Wednesday July 22nd.

The first lessons are beginner drills only: Upon payment we can size you for a t-shirt and stick: no rollerblades or sneakers will be provided.

A portion of your donation will also go to the Alexander Ian Diamantopolus Foundation, his father Benjamin is a Brighton High School classmate of Rochelle O’Neal Thorpe, CEO and Publisher of Wiggles Press Publishing (who is also a Board Member).

We encourage friends and Family to donate directly whether or not they join us this summer: our goal is to help Ben and his family build a Recreational Center in Falmouth that will assist families who are struggling with health issues and drug rehabilitation.

Due to COVID 19 Regulations there is only space for 8 students ages 8 to 12; Brian and Gabe will be their coaches and Rochelle will be nearby reading stories to families and offering crafting lessons.

Ready Set Go! Wiggle Room

Current times have us all seeking useful ways to spend our time. It is my hope that many of you are wp Cover-white-frontconsidering writing your first book.

Lucky for me our time at home has given my editors opportunities to assist in updating the 2020 edition of Wiggle Room  a book designed to help novice writers to “Find their Niche in publishing in the Digital Age of Social Media.”

Cancellations of Seminars… not our Works in Progress

Due to the recent Governmental and Corporate Policies – the Seminars posted to Eventbrite have been cancelled.

However, the content of Seminars will be recorded and shared via PodCast and Videos. And attendees will be invited via email to join to our Google Classroom for Presentation materials and workshop updates.

Please continue to visit our website and Blogs for our latest news regarding Wiggles Press and client meetings.

One-to-One scheduled Work and meetings will continue as long as our staff and clients are healthy and happy to attend.  Staples Connect is has a safe conference room… should their corporate policies impact our meeting space, clients will be notified and we will update our Homepage.

Professional Publishing

Today we continued our publishing seminars with expanding planning strategies to include books for poetry or professional “How to Books.”

Attendance and interest keeps growing.

To join a seminar email wigglespresspublishing@gmail.com.



For Families and Children’s book writers or to have an Introduction to Wiggles Press, please register for Saturday, March 21st, 2010: Register Eventbrite 

For Professionals and small Business please signup here for Wednesday, April 1st, 2010:  Eventbrite Registration

We have eight sessions remaining in the course for learning all about publishing with Wiggle Room as your guide.

Attendees are invited to bring  a submission work or  projects ready for review.  These sessions are created to address the pre-press process of getting ready to publish.

The next offering will be evening sessions starting in April.


Mystery and Imagination

ebonyThomasOkay, I’m a little behind the Eight-Ball when it comes to reading this one, but I can’t put it down now and I am so excited about what Ebony Elizabeth Thomas has written about why people of color, mainly African Americans haven’t been represented in Fantasy books and mythical tales for juvenile readers.

The first book Wiggles Press published in this genre was by Paula Ezop,  The Adventures of Penelope Star: The Mystery of the Three Dragons



As a publisher who wants to put wonderful stories in the hands of little readers and the young at heart, I am going to finish this book by Ebony and dedicate 2020 to writing my own fantasy fiction and to publishing books that will make the imagination soar.

Feel free to write me at rochelle.thorpe@yahoo.com to submit your short story or novel and let’s make great adventures and escapes become more diverse.