Summer Reading,,,,

It’s time to travel to your summer vacation home, summer camp, or just getting ready for for a day at the beach.

Taking a book along for the kids will keep the car quiet for a while and if they read aloud or read on kindle… We’ve good great summer reads.

  • Grandma, Tell me if you can is no ordinary day at the beach. This walk with grandma will inspire the imagination by taking you below the ocean on a visit with mermaids and more!
  • Flowers will bring the garden alive… and teach the importance of nature and teaching to embrace differences.
  • My Favorite Shoes is our classic tale of two sisters living the urban life and enjoying their neighborhood park
  • The Tales of Teacup takes you on a trip to Taiwan, Japan, and time at home with a neighbor sipping Chai Tea.  It’s a teatime you won’t forget

Literacy and Language for a Better Humanity

As a parent and a publisher, I am always seeking ways to engage people in dialogue about literacy and how learning can improve the lives of children.  Often, we think of future generations when hoping the world will move towards peace, without realizing we are our parents future generation and hope.  So the future begins now for our children.

There is no time like the present to address how literacy and language can broaden our experiences with diversity and improve our global humanity.

Reading a book during my childhood, Children from Many Lands created a curiosity in me that led me to study Asian Languages.

As a result Wiggles Press has books in French, Portuguese and Spanish as well as Chinese and Japanese to give children an opportunity to learn without fear.

Wiggles Press has published over 20 books translated into Arabic, Chinese, French, Japanese, and Spanish to give families an opportunity to explore story books through the eyes of children and to give diversity a window to shine a light.