Home-schooling the Best Opportunity to Prepare for Fall by teaching diversity at home.

News and the topics we discuss in front of our children are major influences of their attitudes. Now is the time to address expected behaviors when school resumes in the fall.

Quarantining for COVID has given parents the best opportunity to teach diversity at home and to provide elementary, middle school, and high school students with Civics and history at home.

Discussing racism isn’t easy for African American parents, but it is what we do to equip our children to live in society.

Moreover, it is what all parents tell their children about African Americans that will determine if their peers will be using current events to bully, or to embrace our children compassionately when they return to the classroom.

Here is a link and a list of books to help approach this topic:

Diversity in Primary Education

Rochelle-O’Neal Thorpe, Publisher of Wiggles Press Publishing

Today on Good Morning America the question was posed, “How do we maintain hope and how do we make change?

Teachers and Parents are the most important influence of any generation.  In 2020, there should be no school without an African American teacher or faculty. Even if there are teachers of color who are Asian or Latino.  Children need to have representatives of the American experience that embraces everyone.

Books read at home at bedtime or in the classroom should also reflect diversity so children can explore cultures and characters in literature. Reading about people of many cultures and who are a different skin color is a simple and safe way to approach diversity, to teach humanity, and to make it fun.

And regardless of the demographics of the staff, you don’t teach tolerance without practicing it.  The inclusion of a diverse staff and the treatment of staff members will give children the best examples in their formative years.

Private or Public Schools should be held to the same standards for diversity.

Our children are our future,” and where we begin is in what examples we set for them and the values we practice in educating them.

Diversity starts of course in the home by the friends you schedule play dates with, and your own friendships as parents.

How we educate and what we teach our children will change the world.

Ready Set Go! Wiggle Room

Current times have us all seeking useful ways to spend our time. It is my hope that many of you are wp Cover-white-frontconsidering writing your first book.

Lucky for me our time at home has given my editors opportunities to assist in updating the 2020 edition of Wiggle Room  a book designed to help novice writers to “Find their Niche in publishing in the Digital Age of Social Media.”

Keep Reading

Just reading books that were hanging around the house and enjoying family.

If you are reading one of our books are listing to them online please let us know.

Happy to send you a free book to read with picture of you reading one of our storybooks.

Email me at wigglespresspublishing@gmail.com a picture of you reading a book published or a receipt from Amazon.com nd I will send you a free book. Just add a shipping address to your email and the name of the storybook by Wiggles Press you would like and I’ll send you a free book.

Deadline for submissions of pictures and emails is April 15, 2020.


Enjoy Reading

Cancellations of Seminars… not our Works in Progress

Due to the recent Governmental and Corporate Policies – the Seminars posted to Eventbrite have been cancelled.

However, the content of Seminars will be recorded and shared via PodCast and Videos. And attendees will be invited via email to join to our Google Classroom for Presentation materials and workshop updates.

Please continue to visit our website and Blogs for our latest news regarding Wiggles Press and client meetings.

One-to-One scheduled Work and meetings will continue as long as our staff and clients are healthy and happy to attend.  Staples Connect is has a safe conference room… should their corporate policies impact our meeting space, clients will be notified and we will update our Homepage.

Professional Publishing

Today we continued our publishing seminars with expanding planning strategies to include books for poetry or professional “How to Books.”

Attendance and interest keeps growing.

To join a seminar email wigglespresspublishing@gmail.com.



For Families and Children’s book writers or to have an Introduction to Wiggles Press, please register for Saturday, March 21st, 2010: Register Eventbrite 

For Professionals and small Business please signup here for Wednesday, April 1st, 2010:  Eventbrite Registration

We have eight sessions remaining in the course for learning all about publishing with Wiggle Room as your guide.

Attendees are invited to bring  a submission work or  projects ready for review.  These sessions are created to address the pre-press process of getting ready to publish.

The next offering will be evening sessions starting in April.


Seminars for Writers

Hello there Writers:

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Wiggles Press Publishing is positioned to offer you the guidance you need to become published  Authors in 2020.

We began the year with Info Sessions about publishing that provided a walk through our guidebook Wiggle Room.

Join us in our collaborations to share your manuscripts and take the steps to making your writing an enjoyable book.

Mystery and Imagination

ebonyThomasOkay, I’m a little behind the Eight-Ball when it comes to reading this one, but I can’t put it down now and I am so excited about what Ebony Elizabeth Thomas has written about why people of color, mainly African Americans haven’t been represented in Fantasy books and mythical tales for juvenile readers.

The first book Wiggles Press published in this genre was by Paula Ezop,  The Adventures of Penelope Star: The Mystery of the Three Dragons



As a publisher who wants to put wonderful stories in the hands of little readers and the young at heart, I am going to finish this book by Ebony and dedicate 2020 to writing my own fantasy fiction and to publishing books that will make the imagination soar.

Feel free to write me at rochelle.thorpe@yahoo.com to submit your short story or novel and let’s make great adventures and escapes become more diverse.