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Well its time to Skype and Webinar

Wiggles Press Publishing is ready and waiting to link you to our seminars or podcast… 

WR2020-front-smHere are the covers to our newest edition of Wiggle Room. The interior text is updated with lots of exciting new info… as well as the standard “How To” we began with from authors, editors, and illustrators.

So What’s new?  The application to business, whether corporate or  entrepreneurs with “How To’s” of their own. It’s just great way to start brainstorming your New Book with ours…

WR2020-back-sm Get your’s by emailing me below just send me a request at 

Cancellations of Seminars… not our Works in Progress

Due to the recent Governmental and Corporate Policies – the Seminars posted to Eventbrite have been cancelled.

However, the content of Seminars will be recorded and shared via PodCast and Videos. And attendees will be invited via email to join to our Google Classroom for Presentation materials and workshop updates.

Please continue to visit our website and Blogs for our latest news regarding Wiggles Press and client meetings.

One-to-One scheduled Work and meetings will continue as long as our staff and clients are healthy and happy to attend.  Staples Connect is has a safe conference room… should their corporate policies impact our meeting space, clients will be notified and we will update our Homepage.

Professional Publishing

Today we continued our publishing seminars with expanding planning strategies to include books for poetry or professional “How to Books.”

Attendance and interest keeps growing.

To join a seminar email



For Families and Children’s book writers or to have an Introduction to Wiggles Press, please register for Saturday, March 21st, 2010: Register Eventbrite 

For Professionals and small Business please signup here for Wednesday, April 1st, 2010:  Eventbrite Registration

We have eight sessions remaining in the course for learning all about publishing with Wiggle Room as your guide.

Attendees are invited to bring  a submission work or  projects ready for review.  These sessions are created to address the pre-press process of getting ready to publish.

The next offering will be evening sessions starting in April.


Seminars for Writers

Hello there Writers:

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Wiggles Press Publishing is positioned to offer you the guidance you need to become published  Authors in 2020.

We began the year with Info Sessions about publishing that provided a walk through our guidebook Wiggle Room.

Join us in our collaborations to share your manuscripts and take the steps to making your writing an enjoyable book.

Register for Seminar

February 19th, 2020 we had our First Wiggle Room Seminar at Staples Studio Fresh-pond / Alewife Brook Parkway from 10:30 to 12 Noon.


The second enrollment starts now for the second Seminar that will be hosted for ten-weeks.

10 People Only, will be welcome to join us in our Conference Room.

Each Registered Member will be part of a new team to help critique and review scripts and to “Practice what we Teach!”

No where can you gain such knowledge and guidance for $100.00 or $10 a week.

No refunds are available because each seat – is a treasured opportunity!

Register Here!

Mystery and Imagination

ebonyThomasOkay, I’m a little behind the Eight-Ball when it comes to reading this one, but I can’t put it down now and I am so excited about what Ebony Elizabeth Thomas has written about why people of color, mainly African Americans haven’t been represented in Fantasy books and mythical tales for juvenile readers.

The first book Wiggles Press published in this genre was by Paula Ezop,  The Adventures of Penelope Star: The Mystery of the Three Dragons


As a publisher who wants to put wonderful stories in the hands of little readers and the young at heart, I am going to finish this book by Ebony and dedicate 2020 to writing my own fantasy fiction and to publishing books that will make the imagination soar.

Feel free to write me at to submit your short story or novel and let’s make great adventures and escapes become more diverse.