October Best…

Autumn is here and its beautiful colors and unpredictable weather makes story time a special event.

Here are a few of my favorite authors, whose stories can make story-time a sharing adventure.

There’s a Tarantula in My Pajamas, while not a ghostly tale, it will give you goosebumps. Author Celestine Payne describes a young boy’s imaging he sees a fury creature creeping from his closet.. and space creatures out his window, anything to avoid sleeping alone in his bed.

Larry Richardson’s chapter book Katherine, is an animal tale that will help the reader explore multiple personalities and how conflicts can be resolved.  It deals with bullying and grouching personalities to the witty one who out smarts the troublemakers.

Presents for Phoebe by Paul Rhode is of course a favorite because October is my birthday month and I too was an only child with dotting parents.  I enjoy her lesson in charity and today its a lesson we want young ones to learn and embody.

Lastly, Melinda Lancaster’s sweet story Tyler & the Spider.  Tyler is stuck inside with a cold, under his his sheets and in pajama’s; a common occurrence as we face changing weather. In this storybook Tyler learns tolerance from the eight-legged crawler… facing down his  Arachnophobia.

The season is right for enjoying our storybooks on the porch at sunset, by the fire or at bedtime.

It’s also our time to consider new stories for next spring.

Please feel free to see our contact page.

Enjoy October!  I know I will… Happy Birthday to me.


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