Diversity in Primary Education

Rochelle-O’Neal Thorpe, Publisher of Wiggles Press Publishing

Today on Good Morning America the question was posed, “How do we maintain hope and how do we make change?

Teachers and Parents are the most important influence of any generation.  In 2020, there should be no school without an African American teacher or faculty. Even if there are teachers of color who are Asian or Latino.  Children need to have representatives of the American experience that embraces everyone.

Books read at home at bedtime or in the classroom should also reflect diversity so children can explore cultures and characters in literature. Reading about people of many cultures and who are a different skin color is a simple and safe way to approach diversity, to teach humanity, and to make it fun.

And regardless of the demographics of the staff, you don’t teach tolerance without practicing it.  The inclusion of a diverse staff and the treatment of staff members will give children the best examples in their formative years.

Private or Public Schools should be held to the same standards for diversity.

Our children are our future,” and where we begin is in what examples we set for them and the values we practice in educating them.

Diversity starts of course in the home by the friends you schedule play dates with, and your own friendships as parents.

How we educate and what we teach our children will change the world.

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