Wiggles Summer Camp 2020

Join us for Field and Street Hockey Drills Register Now!

Please go to Facebook Event https://www.facebook.com/events/2389599634676395/

In our first Chapter Book and Storybook Captain Remarkable “AKA” Misha liked to play street hockey with her brother Nate. Well, Wiggles Press is happy to welcome you to learn how to play from home online or with Brian & Gabe at Smith Field in Alston.

Our first class is launching Monday, July 20th at Smithh Field promptly at 11 AM.
A second class for girls will be held at the same location and time on Wednesday July 22nd.

The first lessons are beginner drills only: Upon payment we can size you for a t-shirt and stick: no rollerblades or sneakers will be provided.

A portion of your donation will also go to the Alexander Ian Diamantopolus Foundation, his father Benjamin is a Brighton High School classmate of Rochelle O’Neal Thorpe, CEO and Publisher of Wiggles Press Publishing (who is also a Board Member).

We encourage friends and Family to donate directly whether or not they join us this summer: our goal is to help Ben and his family build a Recreational Center in Falmouth that will assist families who are struggling with health issues and drug rehabilitation.

Due to COVID 19 Regulations there is only space for 8 students ages 8 to 12; Brian and Gabe will be their coaches and Rochelle will be nearby reading stories to families and offering crafting lessons.

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