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To support homeschooling or remote learning I am launching — After-School with Wiggles Press, I will be the instructor for book’s I’ve Authored and will schedule other teachers and authors to participate – using Google Classroom and Zoom to provide curriculum and discussions. I want to encourage critical thinking, creative writing and self-publishing.

Please order the following books to begin New Year 2021 – with my cultural exchange with Asian Culture. The goal is to dispel stereotypes and encourage friendships.

The first Book will be A Dragon Valentines; also published as A New Year’s Valentine.

Followed by:

  1. The Tales of Teacups; written about a Mother-Daughter Teatime with Ms. Bei, Miss Ocha and Furtuna (Chinese, Japanese and Ethiopian teacups (my spin on Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Animation).
  2. The Tales of Cranes; written about Keisha and the discovery of a Japanese folklore The Crane Maiden and her discovery of how it influenced her mother’s journey to Japan. Based on my true story – The Crane Maiden was published by Time Life Books in 1968 the year of the Assignation of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The artist was an Hiroshima Survivor, Chihiro Iwasaki and it was authored by Miyoko Matsutani
  3. The Majestic Crane; a juvenile read related to my discovery of Asian Culture best suited for preteens and teens interested in international exchange. This may be a Zoom Classroom where teachers are asked to read a chapter and lead a zoom discussion group; I will respond to questions.

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