May – Teacher’s Appreciation

Mom is the primary teacher from birth to maturity, in most cases. However, teachers also play a major roll in our life-time of learning, by academic and also social education…. now its even through social media.

In the Month of May we honor our Mothers and Teachers the same week.

This year I am offering language classes online at for moms who are interest in learning English, Japanese or Mandarin this summer with a child, please email me at and I will send the first 20 a free registration.

Deadline of course is Friday, May 7th, those who register this month will receive a 50% discount after May 7th if you are not amongst the first 20.

The mom below crotched these dolls for the storybook Dolly’s Winter Surprise and her daughter did the artwork for The Ocean Festival, while attending Harvard Divinity School. I was so excited that we met so auspiciously. My friend Helen is working on a translation with her daughter for the summer… it will be a June Surprise!

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