Wiggles Press Publishing creates children storybooks, novels, DVD and eBooks; each created for the “Hands of Little Readers.” 

Wiggles Press Publishing has 32 American authors who have written vividly illustrated stories that are for preschool, kindergarten to juvenile readers or anyone who loves children’s literature.

Diversity of culture, experience and languages are the spirit it which are stories are developed.

If you are interested in ordering, publishing or would like to learn more contact a Sales Associate near you or Wiggles Press at:

Payment for Orders:

Hardcover, Dolls, and special discount orders for 25 or more books for nonprofit or schools can be payed for with invoice or directly at:

  • Mail Orders or Checks to:
    Rochelle O’Neal Thorpe, Publisher
    Wiggles Press
    23 Athens Street, Suite 2
    Cambridge, MA  02138
  • Credit Cards can be used at our new online store and soon a new secure Venmo and Cash App text or email request
  • Venmo Payments 

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