Wiggles Press Publishing creates children storybooks, novels, DVD and eBooks; each dedicated to the “Hands of Little Readers.”

Wiggles Press has American authors who have written vividly illustrated stories that are for pre-kindergarten to juvenile readers or anyone who loves children’s literature.

If you are interested in ordering, publishing or would like to learn more contact a Sales Associate near you or Wiggles Press at:

Payment for Orders:

Hardcover, Dolls, and special discount orders for 25 or more books for nonprofit or schools can be payed for with invoice or directly at:

  • Mail Orders or Checks to:
    Rochelle O’Neal Thorpe, Publisher
    Wiggles Press
    23 Athens Street, Suite 2
    Cambridge, MA  02138
  • Credit Cards can be used at our new online store and soon a new secure Venmo and Cash App text or email request

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