Wiggles Press Publishing Google Classroom

The Majestic Crane was our very first book about Asian culture.  It describes the Author’s travels to China and Japan.

The 2020 Olympics and Tokyo Game are just a year away… Our team felt is was very important to select this book as our initial text for the Google Classroom for preteen and teenage readers.  It will also help exchange students and teacchers  understand the type of questions arising from students abroad.

Today! July 29th a free sample copy (PDF) of The Lesson on Double Duck Mountain – the last chapter of the book, has been uploaded to the classroom with an assignment titled Cultural Exchange. Also a free narration of this story has been loaded for listening to commentary from its Author and Publisher, Rochelle O’Neal Thorpe.

To participate in this Google Classroom, please email your request to wiggplespresspublishing@gmail.com with the Subject: Permission to join Classroom

Here is a free sample chapter: The Lesson of Double Duck Mountain


For teachers of Elementary Students, Home School Parents, or ESL teachers who want to join our early learning online classroom for Gabriel and the Park & His Big Toy Box send me an email and the quantity of books you need (there is a 35% discount for schools and nonprofits)

Note to ESL: Gabriel and the Park & His Big Toy Box is also available in:

In your email, please indicate which language you would use for the English Edition to provide ESL instructions or early childhood education, and I will send you a PDF with that translation.  However, to obtain a free translated PDF you must pay for the book in English with at least a minimum of five copies.

For the classroom your books must be purchased via Cash App. Free Kendall editions come with your purchase of books at Amazon.com and any discounts must include your 501C3 information.


Payment for any books must be made by using the Cash App or paypal.com.

If you choose to purchase books from Amazon.com please forward your receipts to me via email for future discounts to other storybooks published by Wiggles Press Publishing.

Thank you for participating in our Google classroom!

Note:  If you don’t see your language listed, just send me an email with Subject: “Translation” and we can work together on establishing Google Classrooms in your language following our guidelines and workbook.




Summer Reading,,,,

It’s time to travel to your summer vacation home, summer camp, or just getting ready for for a day at the beach.

Taking a book along for the kids will keep the car quiet for a while and if they read aloud or read on kindle… We’ve good great summer reads.

  • Grandma, Tell me if you can is no ordinary day at the beach. This walk with grandma will inspire the imagination by taking you below the ocean on a visit with mermaids and more!
  • Flowers will bring the garden alive… and teach the importance of nature and teaching to embrace differences.
  • My Favorite Shoes is our classic tale of two sisters living the urban life and enjoying their neighborhood park
  • The Tales of Teacup takes you on a trip to Taiwan, Japan, and time at home with a neighbor sipping Chai Tea.  It’s a teatime you won’t forget