Spring into Summer with Language Learning

We are going to learn together language and literacy together.

Our classes will use the English editions of our books with role-play, reading workbooks, and Playtime Crafts “Art-Tic-U-Lations” for helping you learn and practice English.

Teachers will be natural speakers and able to help you have fun learning English.

Mr. Banks who inspired the Sunny Umbrella will be your Instructor using his storybooks:

Register for Language Instructions by April 5th for Zoom Classes with Access to a Google Classroom with links o videos for self-study, workbooks, crafts and fun activities an invoice and links will be mailed when your registration is confirmed:

To read the English and follow along with our narration, will help you practice speaking.

New Spanish Translations

This book is New this very week, and we are working on the audio for a narrated video and podcast to listen to audio as you learn.

Wiggles Press has books for reading and books for learning Chinese, French, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish. See our translators and books here.


For Summer Fun these are our favorite books in Spanish

2018 NewCover-full-final S.pdf


FreshEggsCover-10-26print-Spanish front

Chinese (Mandarin)

  • French Translator,  Jacqueline Grenez Brovender

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