New Authors… here is a guide that will save you time and money on preparing to publish.


Wiggles Press Publishing is positioned to offer you the guidance needed to become a published Author in 2020.

Join us in our collaborative sessions  that provide a walk through our guidebook Wiggle Room. Here is a PowerPoint that will guide you.

Writers will learn:

  • How to begin
  • What to research
  • Who is your audience
  • Choosing an illustrator

Here is a few authors who have already envisioned their books and have published.

  • Tyler and the Spider by Melinda Lancaster was a completed project that she simply needed to have published
  • Al Margolis created illustrations that met the vision of Gabe’s Nantucket Adventure.
  • Sara Wallace Reidy brought stories from her past into print for New Generations and later it was published in French, a language the originator, her Grandmother spoke while living in France as a Fine Arts student at the emergence World War II.
  • Larry Richardson brought his daughter’s artwork with a unique story about his son’s friendship that make for a fun story kids love.