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Confirmation Email and an invoice from Venmo for your related fees: Classes includes book in print and PDF with personalized schedule for book development and publishing guidance with your own Google Classroom with Publisher Rochelle O’Neal Thorpe, Editor and Artist as needed.

Bonus offerings that are tailored to your book and genre.

Marketing and other services are not included only reviewed in the related chapters – Agency and marketing (website, promotions, Esty, Google Analytics are billed separately or you may choose the agency of your choice) are strategic plans that can be developed at a cost customized for you.

Wiggles Press Publishing is positioned to offer you the guidance needed to become a published Author in 2020.

Join us in our collaborative sessions  that provide a walk through our guidebook Wiggle Room. Here is a PowerPoint that will guide you.

Writers will learn:

  • How to begin
  • What to research
  • Who is your audience
  • Choosing an illustrator

Here is a few authors who have already envisioned their books and have published.

  • Tyler and the Spider by Melinda Lancaster was a completed project that she simply needed to have published
  • Al Margolis created illustrations that met the vision of Gabe’s Nantucket Adventure.
  • Sara Wallace Reidy brought stories from her past into print for New Generations and later it was published in French, a language the originator, her Grandmother spoke while living in France as a Fine Arts student at the emergence World War II.
  • Larry Richardson brought his daughter’s artwork with a unique story about his son’s friendship that make for a fun story kids love.

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