Fun Readers

Fun Readers are Picture books with Q&A or Activities

Fun Readers are designed for 2nd to 5th grade student who are reading books independently and enjoying every page faster than we can keep-up with the demand!

To order direct from Wiggles Press Publishing you can Venmo $9.95 with the book title you desire and include your shipping information:

The Books published for Fun Reading are:

  • A Brand New World by Bill Young
  • Animal of the Year by Donald Cantor and Michael Cantor
  • Da Goodie Monsta by Robert Peters
  • Grandma, Tell Me if You Can by Melinda Lancaster
  • Grandma’s Chocolate Cake by Kimberly Wallace
  • I Saw Parrots in New York City George Sommers
  • Metal Mike by Larry Richardson
  • The Ocean Festival by Rochelle O’Neal Thorpe
  • The Little Plum Tree Sarah Wallace Reidy
  • The Man with the Sunny Umbrella by Rochelle O’Neal Thorpe
  • The Perfect Pet by Donald and Michael Cantor
  • The Tales of Cranes by Rochelle O’Neal Thorpe
  • There’s a Spider in My Pajamas by Celestine Payne
  • Tyler and The Spider by Melinda Lancaster

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