Request for submissions: How I conquered racsism as a child – or young adult.

As an educator of children and a child growing up in the 60’s… I am welcoming submissions of stories that discuss how your parents raised you to prepare for life outside your home and communities. As you got ready for school, going to College or your first job… corporate or otherwise as a teacher or nurse.

I am not only interested in a statement of your encounter with racism, but the prayers and guidance given to handle social encounters.

The goal I have in mind is building a cross-generational construct for our youth.
Please include tactical and thoughtful approaches to problem solving not only with police, but on the job, in the classroom, and at the university… what you did to turn your thoughts from reacting to inspiring and the changes that occurred with your inspiration.

Now please know I am welcoming all faiths to make submissions although my foundation is a Christian one, I am aware that every faith based religion that is monotheistic has had to take a stance against hatred and oppression.

After all it was the Moses deliverance of Jews that underscores the Christians faith in liberty.
Again: Whatever scripture or passage that you memorized or prayed with to conquer fear, and to affirm you pursuit of an education, job, schooling and new friendships is what I am asking your to submit to be– please use a tone appropriate for children and pre-teens, teens and adults.

Use wit, humor and positive language.

We must help counter the belief there’ has been no progress by showing how progress occurred and that on this foundation we will move forward and “Stay Woke.”

The deadline will be February 7th and I would like it to be only 200 words or less.

If I approve your submission I will notify you and provide guidance on next steps. Some stories I may want to create a children’s picture book, others I may want to use in a chapter book.

I want to generate tools for classroom and Sunday schools.

I will welcome us to come together online to share our stories. and you can have an open forum to discuss current issues and to bring some inspiration to addressing them.
Brighton High we had a unique experience at the Annex that bonded us. I know our parents prayed over us and we loved one another in the midst of force busing. Let’s share our unique story with this generation.

Greek, Chinese, Puerto Rican and African Americans, Caribbean and Vietnamese played volleyball together, supported one another…. this didn’t happen with our some discussion with our parents and sermons from our church leaders of all faiths.

To hear young people say there is no progress coming from this generation is unfair… there has been progress however, more needs to be done and more can be accomplished.
Let’s understand how we’ve got here and give this generation the tools to “keep moving,” as Martin Luther King, Jr. wanted us to.